Level: 29
Class: Archer

Random Trivia

  1. Loves Tomb Raider, dislikes the recent reboot for wiping canon.
  2. Once beat the Water Temple with a key to spare.
  3. Owns a Japanese version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 despite never having imported it.
  4. Has seen every episode of Heroes. Only really likes season 1.
  5. Thinks Castlevania 1 is easier than any NES Super Mario Bros. 
  6. Used to play Mario Strikers Charged online with a friend as Daisy. 
  7. Will probably offend you by liking things you hate.


  1. I like your site.

  2. u fucking bitch. fake bitch go hang urself

  3. Very well thought out blog posts, I like this

  4. Thank you for your work on Anita Sarkeesian, I know it takes a lot of time and nerve ! I don't really know what Anita's real intention is (especially with the whole Kickstarter thing), but the problem I and gamers like me have with her is not her cause, it's her apparent dishonesty, her tone and attitude, and the amount of surprising attention she has received because of her half-baked unfounded stories (or "theories")... if someone like you with your tone and attitude criticizes the role of female characters in the video games, I would absolutely endorse it, as something at least worth being discussed.

    Another HUGE problem with her and likes of her is that she has said many times that she is not a gamer (except a few times that she had to lie to her audience! that's what she does!) !

    Anyways, thank you for your posts.

    1. Thanks. Yeah it gets annoying because Anita's terrible and divisive conduct has at times made me forget that I'm essentially on the same side as her. Not helped by the fact that she and her fanbase shut people out who don't buy into her personality cult, even if they would be allies when given a voice. I just want to spread positivity and create new ideas rather than guilt people into agreement.

      And yeah, I think it's apparent how she isn't a gamer by all the mistakes she makes and how she goes for the low-hanging fruit when promoting stuff (Mirror's Edge, Beyond Good and Evil, Portal and Gone Home, really?). I mean, it would be fine if she were just honest about it but all this flip-flopping and attempting to maintain her clean image is just off-putting. Developers would value the input of an outsider who they can sell to anyway.

  5. I found your blog while reading a piece by Adrian Chmielarz on Medium about Feminist Frequency, and since that I've read a lot of your posts. I have to say, I kind'of love them .... although I do like the new Tomb Raider game hehe. Your pieces on Anita and Elizabeth and such are enthralling and extremely well written, and I've enjoyed every single one. I'll be looking forward to reading your thoughts on whatever you want to talk about. Thank you for everything, and please keep up the good work ;)